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And we turned 3…

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Guess what? “The Training Lady”, or this blog, has turned 3 years old..

It happened without any celebration or hype, but it happened. There are now over 100 posts and although I don’t get to blog as much as i’d like, the site is still going strong.

I had plans this year that I’d post about the occasion and put up a hand full of articles but as usual time got away from me and it’s now 2 weeks later, but I’ve finally had a moment to stop and do some work on this site.

Thank you to everyone who has used this site as their go-to page for tips. Thank you for those who attend training with me and give me the ideas of what to put on this site. Training in 2017 has been hectic but I’ve loved every moment of it and I’m sure the rest of it will be just as fun.

Thanks again

Belinda xx


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