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How to display cards side-by-side in Microsoft Sway

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Sway is fantastic for creating visual presentations and a common question I am asked is “How can I have cards sit side-by-side in my Sway?”. Maybe you want to have an image dispalyed with text sitting alongside it?

Let’s look at how you can display cards side-by-side:

  1. Open Microsoft Sway (I’m using the desktop app)
  2. From the Sway screen click Create New
Create a new Microsoft Sway.
  1. A new Sway will be displayed with a Title card already displayed
  2. Go ahead and add a Title to the Sway
Add a new title card to your Microsoft Sway.
  1. Now we need to insert a Text card
  2. Click the Insert Content button at the bottom of the Title card
Add another card to your Sway.
  1. From the card options, select Text
  2. Text card will now be displayed
  3. Place your cursor inside the Text card and add content you wish to display in the presentation
Add text to the Text card in Sway.

Add an Image card

  1. Now we need to add an Image card
  2. Hover over the Text card and click the Insert Content button (+)
  3. Select Image from the options
  4. The Image card will be displayed along with the list of source options on the right side of the screen
Choose from the suggestion source options to add an image to Sway.
  1. From the Suggested drop-down menu, choose your selection. E.g. My device
Choose to insert an image from your device.
  1. Locate and select the image you wish to upload
  2. The image is now displayed within the Image card
Add an image card to your Sway.

Group the cards

Now that we have a Text card and Image card ready, we need to group them together.

  1. Click inside the Text card and place a tick in the checkbox to select it
  2. Repeat the process to select the Image card
Select the two cards to group them together.
  1. Click the Group button
Click the Group button in Sway.
  1. The two cards will now be grouped together.
The cards are now grouped in Sway.
  1. Select the text card and now set Emphasis to Moderate.
Set the emphasis to moderate for the text card.

Apply a Sway Design Style

Now that you have grouped the cards, we will apply a design style that will display grouped cards side by side.

  1. From the Storyline screen, click Design
Click the Design option to choose a style.
  1. Click Styles from the right-hand side of the screen.
  2. A panel will open displaying different design styles you can choose from as shown below.
Design styles to allow images and text to appear side by side in Sway.
  1. Styles marked in the red boxes will Left align the image card when the image is first in the group and followed by an emphasised text card.
  2. Styles marked in the blue boxes will still Left align the image card but when the text card does not use the emphasise option. The text will wrap around the image where there is enough text to do so.
  3. Depending on the style you choose, you may need to select Vertical scroll to get the cards to display side-by-side.

Play the Sway

Now it’s time to see what your Sway will look like.

  1. Click Play from the top right of the screen.
Click the Play button to watch your Sway.
  1. The Sway will now begin to play
  2. Experiment with different design styles till you have the look and feel you are after.
Display cards side by side in Sway.

Repeat the process to arrange any further image and text cards side by side in Sway. Be sure to check out my other posts to assist you with using Microsoft Sway. Comment below if you have any questions.


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  1. It is a really good website. I have my exam tomorrow and MS Sway wasn’t written in my book but although it was one of the objectives. This website reduced my stress. Thank you!

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