Embed an Excel worksheet within your Word document

Embed Excel in a Word Document

Whenever I run Excel or Word training a common question pops up. What is the best way to add Excel data into a Word document? Like many things related to Microsoft Office, there are several different ways to achieve this. There are several benefits from being able to embed an Excel worksheet into your Word […]

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The best keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Excel

The best keyboard shortcuts in Excel

Want to become more efficient using Excel? Let me show you the best keyboard shortcuts in Excel. Anyone who has ever attended training with me, or even anyone who has read my other “shortcut key” posts, should know that I am a big fan of shortcuts. Anything that can improve efficiency and workflow is a […]

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How to disable the Start Screen at startup in Office programs

How to disable the Start Screen in Office

In recent versions of the Microsoft Office programs, users now see a Start screen appear when any of the programs are launched. This Start Screen gives you quick access to various functions such as any recent files you have opened and the ability to choose a new blank document or file or various templates which […]

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