How to subscribe to your favourite websites using RSS

Receive automatic updates from your favourite websites using RSS

How often do you check back on your favourite website to see if new content has been uploaded? How would you like to automatically subscribe to your favourite websites? If you are like me, then the answer to this question is often. If not daily but possibly weekly. It’s a time-consuming process and thankfully one […]

How to create a folder shortcut on the Taskbar

Last week one of my clients experienced a hardware failure on their main computer. It’s a computer users worst nightmare and occurred in the middle of an important week of work. Long story short, a new hard drive was sourced and installed. Luckily the client had a backup schedule in place and so the restore […]

How to crop an image using Microsoft Paint

This week I had a request to show participants how to crop an image using Microsoft Paint. Most of the Microsoft Office products include a cropping tool but it only crops the image within that specific program. Microsoft Paint can provide a simple but effective cropping feature. When working with images it is a good […]