Create a custom toolbar menu in Windows 10

Create a shortcut menu in Windows 10

Generally, I like to try and keep an organised desktop area and where possible keep my files in a somewhat organised fashion. I have files which I use on a regular basis such as budgets, accounting files, and other such things, however, I don’t want to have these saved on my desktop. Having lots of […]

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Pin an application to the start menu

Pin an Application

One of the first things I do when I set up a new computer, or rebuild my computer, is customise! One of the ways that I achieve this is by sticking, or “pinning” the applications I use the most to the start menu. I generally like to keep a clean desktop area and have found that using […]

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The Windows Calculator – More than just a basic calculator

Windows Calculator

The built-in calculator available through Microsoft Windows has been around for a long time. It gives you the same general calculator features you could get in any hand-held device. However, in Windows 10 the calculator has lots of extra features that most users are simply not aware of. I have long gotten rid of having […]

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