Back up data using Windows Backup and Restore

Backing up your data

In an earlier post titled Backing up your files – a vital step to securing your data, I outlined the basic information needed for any user to begin the process of backing up data on a regular basis. In this post, I will step you through how to perform a back up using the Backup and […]

Free up disk space using Windows Disk Cleanup

Use Windows Disk Cleanup

Microsoft Windows includes a great tool which allows you to easily perform a clean-up of your computer’s hard drive. The Disk Cleanup tool will help you to free up disk space on your computer and will assist with performance issues. I have also mentioned the Windows Disk Cleanup utility in my Improve the performance of […]

How to resize a photo to use as your Desktop Wallpaper

How to resize a photo to use as your Desktop Wallpaper

As a follow-up to my previous post, how to set your own photo as your Desktop Wallpaper, I’m going to show you how to adjust the size of a photo being used as your desktop wallpaper. By resizing a photo you avoid any distortion which can be encountered from time to time. I tend to find […]