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How to view all participants during Microsoft Teams meeting

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WOW, my first post on Microsoft Teams. I have been using and training participants in Microsoft Teams for approx 12 months now and must say I’m a big fan. There is SO much amazing content online to assist with using Microsoft Teams and so to date, I have not worried about including Teams on this website. But I think the time has come. I have seen A LOT of questions regarding this online and thought it might be useful to address this and hopefully provide some steps people can go through.

Question: I can only see 9 people in my meeting, but there are 23 people participating. How can I view more than 9 in Teams?

In July 2020, Microsoft released a new meetings experience which provided users with the ability to see more than 9 people when using video conferencing options.  This new feature must be enabled before users can access it and you must also be using the latest version of the Microsoft Teams app. This new meeting experience is only available via the app and will not be displayed if you are using Teams online via your web browser.

Another important note is that this will not work if you have participants in your meeting you are sharing audio-only. If people have video turned off, they will need to turn it on for these new meeting experience options to work.

How do you access Teams?

The first thing to ask is how are you accessing Microsoft Teams? This has an impact on which features you have access to so it is important to be aware of the different options.

You can access Microsoft Teams by:

  • web browser (Teams Online)
  • desktop app
  • mobile app

The desktop application provides you with access to ALL new features and so I highly recommend using this as your “go to” option for using Teams. Accessing Teams via your web browser is fantastic when you are not at your normal computer or wish to access it from a different location other than your usual desk. The mobile app gives you the portability to access Teams using your smartphone from anywhere but again you will not have all features available via the phone app.

Download the Teams desktop app

To download the Teams desktop app, follow these steps:

  1. Open a web browser and go to
  2. Log in using your Microsoft 365 username and password
  3. Click your profile picture from the top right corner of the screen
  4. Select Download the desktop app from the options

Click your profile picture and choose download the desktop app

  1. The installation file will now be downloaded to your computer
  2. Locate your downloads and double click the Teams installation file

Click to run the Teams installation file

  1. Follow the prompts to complete installation

Enable the New Meeting Experience

The new meeting options are not available by default, you must enable them and restart the Microsoft Teams app.

  1. Open the Microsoft Teams app
  2. If you have not already signed in, enter your username and password
  3. Click your profile picture from the top right corner of the screen
  4. Select Settings


  1. Tick the box for Turn on new meeting experience

Tick the option to turn on new meeting experience

  1. Click the X to Close the window
  2. You will now need to restart the app
  3. Right mouse click Microsoft Teams from the taskbar
  4. Choose Quit from the options

Quit the app

  1. Open the app again as you normally would

Activate the New Meeting Experience

Your online meeting must reach at least 10 participants before the new meeting options will be available. Those participants must be sharing video, this will not work if they have video switched off.

  1. Begin an online meeting
  2. The immediate difference you may notice is that the meeting now pops out into a separate window allowing you to move between the two Teams windows

The meeting window will pop out into a separate window

  1. If your meeting or call is still displayed within the main Teams window then you may need to update the app, see the section below for steps to complete this
  2. With your meeting running, and more than 9 people participating with video-enabled, click the ellipsis (…) button

Click the ellipsis button

  1. From the options select Large gallery
  2. The Large gallery view will let you see up to 49 participants at once. This view will only be available when there are 10 or more attendees who are sharing video.

Large gallery view in Microsoft Teams

  1. Click the ellipsis (…) button again and choose Together mode
  2. The Together mode option lets you see participants in a different view as if you are all in a lecture room in rows.

The Together mode view in Microsoft Teams

Tip: I have seen instances online where people have been using “Together mode” previously and then at a later time it is no longer available. Be sure if this happens that you check your settings again as some people have stated that the option was turned off in their Settings even though they had previously turned it on.

Check your Microsoft Teams app version

If you want to check which version of the desktop app you are using, follow these steps:

  1. Click your profile picture from the top right corner of the screen
  2. Click About > Version
  3. The Microsoft Teams app version details will appear in a banner at the top of the window along with the date when it was last updated

FYI: I have Microsoft Teams version which was last updated 27 August 2020.

Update your Microsoft Teams app

  1. Click your profile picture from the top right corner of the screen
  2. Select Check for updates
  3. Microsoft Teams will check for updates and install any while you continue to work


I hope this helps when using the Large gallery or Together mode in Microsoft Teams. A big thank you to my volunteers who joined a meeting so I could take some screenshots. Comment below if you have any questions.

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