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How to create a new Notebook in OneNote

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If you are new to OneNote then you are likely wondering how you can create new notebooks for you to store information. Personally, I have around 15 different notebook files which I use for various different topics and projects and it allows me to keep everything organised and stored in a relevant location. Although OneNote allows you to create as many sections and pages as you want, the ability to create entirely new notebook files give you the flexibility to use OneNote for almost any type of organisation you want.

If this article I am going to outline how to create a new notebook for business and also how to create a new Class notebook which can be used by schools and educational institutes. For these exercises, I am going to use OneNote for Windows 10. If you are not sure which version you have, or you wish to use the same, check out my article on how to identify which version of OneNote you have.

Create a new Notebook

Firstly I want to create myself a new notebook to be able to start planning my next holiday (whenever that might be *wink*). I have used OneNote for this in the past and it was amazing because I could share it with friends who were also travelling with me and we could each add information where necessary about accommodation, travel arrangements, places to visit etc. OneNote is an amazing tool to be able to plan and collaborate with others and integrates perfectly with Microsoft Teams.

  1. Open OneNote for Windows 10
  2. The last notebook you had open will be displayed
  3. From the notebook area, click the drop-down arrow next to the notebook name
Click the drop-down menu
  1. From the menu which opens, click the + Add notebook button at the bottom of the panel
Click Add notebook
  1. The New Notebook window will appear:
The New Notebook window will appear
  1. Add a name for the Notebook into the field provided
  2. In the example, you can see I have two account options which I can store my notebook in. Ensure you select the correct account you wish to store the new notebook in.
  3. Click Create Notebook
Enter the notebook name and click Create notebook
  1. Give OneNote a moment while it creates your new notebook
  2. The new notebook will be displayed with one section and one page ready to go
The new notebook will be displayed
  1. You can now begin using the new notebook and adding content

Create a new Class Notebook

The use of OneNote for education provides a very specialised set of features relevant to classrooms and teaching. A OneNote Class Notebook provides every student with a personal workspace, a content library where teachers can upload handouts and a space to collaborate on lessons and activities. This provides invaluable functions where home-based learning is a necessity but also for a centralised point of call for resources with face to face teaching.

I highly recommend teachers utilise the website to see how OneNote Class Notebook can help your class.

  1. Open Class Notebook and sign-in with the login provided by your school or district
  2. You will now see the Welcome screen
The welcome to class notebook will appear
  1. From the options, select Create a class notebook
  2. You will be asked the name of your class, enter the name as you would like it displayed and click Next
Enter the name of your class
  1. You will now see a summary of the section groups you will have within the notebook and the associated permissions for teachers versus students, click Next
You will see a summary of the section groups
  1. Now you will have the option of adding another teacher in to use the class notebook. This is great if you have a teaching aid or support staff who will assist you. Enter their email address in the field provided and click Next
You can give another teacher permission to use your notebook
  1. Now you can enter the email addresses of your students then click Next
  2. Finally, you will see the sections which will be created in each student’s private notebook. You have the ability to edit these by removing any you do not need, and use the Add section button to add sections you would like
Add or remove sections as needed
  1. Click Next once you have finished
  2. You can now preview what your Teacher’s notebook and the student’s notebooks will look like. If you are happy with them, click Create
  3. Your OneNote Class Notebook will now be set up, give it a few moments
  4. Click the link to Open in OneNote
Click the link to open in Onenote
  1. The OneNote Class Notebook will now be displayed
The Class Notebook will be displayed

I hope this helps you get started creating with OneNote. Be sure to check out other OneNote articles and comment below with any questions.


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