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Learn Microsoft Excel Online

Microsoft Excel is the world’s most popular data analysis program. Without a doubt, we conduct more Excel courses than any other program across any year. With changes to our working environments and more people now working remotely from home, we need to adapt our learning styles to accommodate this changing landscape. This is where our Excel online courses become crucial to ensure staff continue to thrive and utilise the technology they have available to them whilst working remotely.

With 20 years of experience in the training industry, we now offer Excel training online to clients across Australia. These Excel short courses are designed to be a targeted approach to learning. Take out the part of the training you already know and focus solely on the areas which you wish to improve or explore for the first time.

By undertaking one of our Excel online courses you still have the advantage of working with a live trainer. We do not prerecorded our Excel short courses so you get the same experience of speaking and interacting with your trainer, that you would have had in a face to face Excel class.

Learn Microsoft Excel Online
Excel Online Short Courses

1 or 2 Hour Sessions

Choose between a 1 or 2 hour online session with a live trainer. No pre-recorded content.

One-on-one or Group Sessions

Learn one on one or include other staff for group training sessions.

Effective Targeted Training

Undertake targeted training in the areas your staff need help.

Microsoft Excel Online Courses

Browse through some options for Excel online courses or create your own based on staff skills and requirements.

Excel Introduction

Explore the range of Excel functions which will enable you to perform basic calculations using best practice methods. Learn how a formulas is structured along with using built-in fomrulas to allow division, multiplication, addition and subtraction. Learn how to calculate averages, find highest and lowest values, count values and solve common error messages.

In this session we explore the ways in which you can format your worksheets to give more meaning to your data. Explore the font and paragraph formatting features along with number formatting techniques and how to resize your worksheet to fit your data. 

Once we have the worksheet looking visually appealing, let’s look at techniques to enable you to print your data in the format you want. We look at print setup techniques and how to make our data fit into a specific page configuration.

In this session we will explore the time-saving techniques we can use in Excel to deal with a series of data and patterns. Learn how Excel can recreate number and text based patterns to save you time and effort when creating content. Explore the AutoFill tool and Flash Fill and see these amazing tools in action.

Once we have finished with patterns we will move into the ability to sort & filter data. By far a huge benefit of Excel we will explore how to sort data alphabetically and by values plus how to we can filter our specific information from a larger data set. We will explore the the number, date and text filters available along with lots of real-world tips on using these features.

In this session we will explore the world of Excel charts. Charts provide amazing ways to give a visual display of our data. Explore the different chart types available and how we can customise the look and feel to differentiate charts from others. 

We will then explore the mini chart world of Sparklines and we can seemlessly incorporate them into our worksheets.

Excel Intermediate

Explore the next level of formulas available in Excel to to help you analyse your data. Explore absolute and relative cell references, named ranges, lookups, IF statements, date functions, sumif, and additional count functions.

In this session we will explore two amazing features of Excel. Explore how to use Conditional formatting to highlight important information based on criteria you have set. 

We will also explore how to create your own custom number formats so that infromation is displayed in the exact way you require. 

In this session we will further extend our knowledge with the use and functionality of Excel charts. We will then jump into the world of Excel Dashboards and learn how to create these amazing visual representations of our data.

Excel Advanced

In this session we explore the data protection functionality available in Excel. From password protection our worksheets or entire workbook, to allowing access to specific cell ranges only. 

We will then explore how to can link information from one location to allow to avoid entering the same information in multiple files or worksheets. Streamline your spreadsheets and ensure you are using the most accurate version of data using data linking.

In this session we will explore to use the Subtotals feature of Excel to quickly create subtotals, count, and highlight lowest or highest within a dataset. 

We will then explore the Scenarion Manager feature to allow us to switch our data values in the click of a button.

In this session we will explore the dynamic use of PivotTables. We will learn how to use Excels most powerful feature to extract specific information from large data sets. Explore trends based on your data all with a versatile user interface.

Learn how to format a PivotTable specific to your needs, how to create multiple PivotTables on the same worksheet, number formatting, use componded fields, group data, create your own calculated field and more.

We will also explore how to use the PivotChart function to provide a visual represetation of your data set.

All pricing is listed in Australian dollars ($AUD).

1 Hour Session

$ 125 00
1 hour online course
  • 1-3 participants
  • Live training with experienced trainers
  • Any Microsoft program
  • Combine topics to create your own course

2 Hour Session

$ 190 00
2 hour online course
  • 1 -3 participants
  • Live training with experienced trainers
  • Any Microsoft program
  • Combine topics to create your own course

3 Hour Session

$ 285 00
3 hour online course
  • 1 -3 participants
  • Live training with experienced trainers
  • Any Microsoft program
  • Combine topics to create your own course

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