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Learn to use Microsoft Outlook efficiently by attending an online course with The Training Lady

Learn Microsoft Outlook Online

Microsoft Outlook is more than just email! Learn how to effectively use this email client to manage your incoming and outgoing email, automatically sort emails into folders, create rules for actionable items, manage your schedule, organise meetings, keep track of tasks and much more.

Our Microsoft Outlook online courses focus on improving employee communication, scheduling, task management and more.

Microsoft Outlook is more than just email and incorporates a calendar, meetings, tasks, to-do lists, and contact management. See how you can streamline tasks and automate functions to improve workflow.

Learn Microsoft Outlook Online
Outlook Online Short Courses

1 or 2 Hour Sessions

Choose between a 1 or 2 hour online session with a live trainer. No pre-recorded content.

One-on-one or Group Sessions

Learn one on one or include other staff for group training sessions.

Effective Targeted Training

Undertake targeted training in the areas your staff need help.

Microsoft Outlook Online Courses

Browse through some options for Outlook training online or create your own course based on staff skills and requirements.

Outlook Introduction

In this session, we will explore using Microsoft Outlook as an email client. Explore how to open an email, reply to or forward an email, include an attachment, save an attachment, create a signature, use the CC and BCC fields, sort and filter email messages and file email into folders.

In this session we will explore the Calendar functions in Microsoft Outlook. Learn how to create a meeting or appointment, set a location, set start and end dates or times, make an appointment an all day event, and schedule recurring events. We will also explore how to display multiple time zones in your calendar, use categories, print your calendar or a specific meeting and how to delete appointments.

Course Pricing

All online training courses are offered as half or full day sessions.

You can combine subjects and content to build your own customised session.

All pricing is listed in Australian dollars (AUD$).

Half Day Course

One-on-one training

$ 350 00
  • Each additional participant thereafter +$75.00

Full Day Course

One-on-one training

$ 500 00
  • Each additional participant thereafter +$100.00

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