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Learn to use Microsoft Word efficiently by attending an online course with The Training Lady

Learn Microsoft Word Online

Microsoft Word is by far the #1 word processing program on the market. Our Microsoft Word courses will teach you the skills to create polished documents including letters, resumes, reports, flyers, brochures and much more.

Microsoft Word allows you to create striking and professional-looking documents with a wide range of features. Learn how to use templates and themes, create dynamic documents with online pictures or videos, edit PDFs without leaving Word, send hundreds of emails at once using mail merge or insert your own table of contents into any long document. Learn the tips and tricks to working with Word documents without frustration.

Explore our Microsoft Word online courses covering features from introduction through to advanced.

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Learn Microsoft Word Online
Word Online Short Courses

Half or Full Day Courses

Instructor-led half or full day Excel online courses available. No pre-recorded content.

One-on-one or Group Sessions

Learn one on one or include other staff for effective group training sessions.

Effective Targeted Training

Undertake targeted training in the areas your staff need help.

Microsoft Word Online Courses

Browse through some options for Word training online or create your own course based on staff skills and requirements.

Word Introduction

In this session we will explore the use of built-in templates plus how to create a document from scratch. Explore how to insert & format text, use numbered/bullet lists and include basic images.

In this session we will explore the different layout methods available in a document including tables, tab stops, page breaks, page setup, header & footers and printing techniques.

Word Intermediate

In this session, we will explore how to use the mail merge features in Word. Explore how to create your own data set, create a document from scratch, and create a letter mail merge. We will also look at using Mail Merge to send out bulk emails through Outlook.

In this session, we will explore how to create your own Word template. Streamline your messaging by providing staff with templates containing pre-defined information and allowing staff to “fill in the blanks” prior to sending out correspondence. Use the Word template file types to ensure your templates remain in their original state and avoid accidental overwrites.

In this session, we will explore the fun world of visual elements within Word. Lets look at effective ways to use Pictures including all the bult-in enhancement options. We will look at Shapes and how these can be used to create layered effects, SmartArt to create amazing flow charts or diagrams and working with text boxes.

Word Advanced

In this session, we will explore some useful features which help when managing long documents. This includes styles, table of contents, indexes, footnotes and endnotes, bookmarks and cross-references.

In this session, we will see how to create interactive forms which allow users to complete information using fields, checkboxes, drop down menus. We will also look at how we can incorporate fields which automatically calculate within the document and then look at saving the document as a template.

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