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How to share screen on Teams

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Wondering how to screen share in Microsoft Teams? Wonder no more and explore the steps to using the screen share functionality like a pro.

The screen share function in Microsoft Teams allows you to share your own computer screen with those people included in your Teams meeting. This provides a huge benefit where in-person meetings or events are not possible and allows you to provide live demonstrations, show reports and even author a document live with your colleagues.

Regardless of how you begin a meeting in Teams you can use the screen share feature. This includes one-on-one meetings or scheduled meetings with large groups.

I use the screen share function on every one of my online courses so that all participants can watch my demonstration of each function before they have a go themselves on their own computer system.

Begin the meeting

First thing we want to do is start a Teams meeting. For this example we are going to start a meeting with a contact via Chat.

  1. Open Microsoft Teams and click the Chat button.
  2. Select the person you wish to share screen with.
  3. From the top right corner select the Video call or Audio call button:
  1. The person will need to answer your call:
  1. Now that the call is connected, you will see the toolbar for the meeting.
  2. Click the Share button:
  1. The Share content screen will appear.
  2. Here you can choose what you want to share, your entire screen, or an individual program window. You can also choose to share apps such as Microsoft Whiteboard or Content from camera.
  3. Choose the screen or individual program window you wish to share:
  1. A red border will now appear around the screen or window that you have chosen to share. The other person will now be able to see your screen and can even watch your mouse moving on the screen.

Give control of your screen

Another nifty little feature you can use when sharing your screen on Teams, is the ability to give other users control of your computer. Obviously this is a great tool to use for troubleshooting or technical issues where it may be easier to allow someone else access to your system to fix things up but it also is important to remember that you should only ever give control to a trusted user – not someone claiming to be from Microsoft who randomly called you.

  1. Make sure you have already shared your screen during the meeting.
  2. You will now need to move your cursor to the top of the screen till you see the meeting toolbar appear:
  1. Click the drop-down menu labelled Give control.
  2. You will see a list of other people in the meeting, choose the person you wish to give access to.
  3. The other person will now be granted control of your computer. Moving the mouse will move the cursor on your computer.
  4. To cease control of your computer, move your cursor to the top of the screen till you see the meeting toolbar and click Cancel control.

That’s all folks, you should now be able to share your screen during a meeting and also give control of your screen to other meeting participants. Comment below with any questions.


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