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A Happy 4th Birthday

The Training Lady Turns 4

The 24th of July marked the 4th birthday of “The Training Lady” blog. This year I spent this occasion with my two girls playing in the snow! We had a lovely break away with friends in the crisp clear air of the NSW snowfields (a little photo taken during the week below). This weekend, however, I […]

And we turned 3…

The Training Lady Turns 3

Guess what? “The Training Lady”, or this blog, has turned 3 years old.. It happened without any celebration or hype, but it happened. There are now over 100 posts and although I don’t get to blog as much as i’d like, the site is still going strong. I had plans this year that I’d post […]

Turning 1, our 1st Birthday.

The Training Lady Turns 1

Today marks 1 year since my first post was published as “The Training Lady”. Our 1st birthday see’s us with over 70 posts, and lots of fun. It’s been a quick year, a busy year, but a fun year. This year has seen me resume face-to-face training, which I love, I am studying online to […]