How to send bulk emails using Mail Merge in Word

How to Mail Merge bulk emails in Word

For the most part, I find people have heard of a Mail Merge. The process of combining a list of contacts with a letter which you can then merge together and print. Did you know that you can also use a mail merge to send bulk email messages? This saves time and quite often your […]

How to reuse text and images using Quick Parts in Outlook

How to reuse text and images using Quick Parts in Outlook

As a business owner, I spend a significant amount of time responding to and sending email messages. Often I need to respond to the same question once or twice a week. Instead of going into my Sent Items to copy and paste the amazing response I sent a few days ago, I can set up […]

Create your own custom email template in Outlook

Create your own email template in Outlook

For anyone who sends emails on a regular basis, you may find yourself sending the same information over and over. This is especially relevant for people running a business and it is this situation where email templates can come in very useful. I use email templates on a regular basis and have about a dozen […]

Create a rule to move email to a specified folder

In this age of email and the internet, we tend to find our inbox can get clogged with a lot of email from various different sources. A great way of sorting through this content is using the built-in rules available within Microsoft Outlook to automatically sort your incoming mail messages into specified folders. This particular […]

Setup a POP or IMAP email account in Microsoft Outlook

Set up a POP and IMAP account in Outlook

The first step to using Microsoft Outlook is setting up and configuring your email account. Whether you wish to access an email account through your workplace or one available through your internet provider you will need to know how to configure these settings in Outlook. If you are going to be using an email address […]

Create a rule to forward email to colleagues in Outlook

Forward emails to colleagues in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook has the ability to be able to set up rules that allow you to create an action that Outlook will make on your behalf. Rules can be a great method to assist you in managing your incoming and outgoing email and can be a huge time saver! You can apply rules for: Emails […]

Emails are delayed, speed them up!

Speed up email in Outlook

A common complaint I hear in relation to email is that email is too slow to appear in the inbox. With current technology, we expect instant response and instant receipt. I have often received an email or phone call advising that emails which were sent 15 minutes ago still had not come into a recipient’s […]

Email Tracking Options in Outlook

Email Tracking Options in Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook allows you to assign two email tracking options within an email message. The options include a delivery receipt and/or a read receipt. It is useful to know the difference between these two options and any limitations in how they work. Once you know the specifics you can select the option which best suits […]

Create a signature in Outlook

Create a signature in MS Outlook

These days the use of a signature within an email message is considered standard practice, especially in any corporate environment. Signatures can provide an email user with time-saving possibilities whether you are a home user, small business or corporate user. An email signature is the easiest way to include important information about yourself or your […]