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How to create a folder shortcut on the Taskbar

Create a shortcut to a specific folder on the Taskbar

Last week one of my clients experienced a hardware failure on their main computer. It’s a computer users worst nightmare and occurred in the middle of an important week of work. Long story short, I was able to source a new hard drive and install it within 24 hours. Luckily the client had a backup […]

Save time! Pin a file to the Open list in Microsoft Office

Pin a file or folder to the Open list

At the start of every training course, I show participants through a few really useful features of the Microsoft Office programs. These features save you time during a busy workday. One such feature is AutoCorrect, another is the ability to pin a file or folder permanently into the Open or Save list. This wonderful feature […]

Create a rule to move email to a specified folder

Create a rule to move email to a specified folder in Outlook

Want to know how to create a rule to move email to a folder in Outlook? I get a lot of email. Some is important but I also get a significant amount of email which consists of newsletters, and notifications of various things happening. They can fill my inbox and make it hard to focus […]