Create a rule to forward email to colleagues in Outlook

Forward emails to colleagues in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook has the ability to be able to set up rules that allow you to create an action that Outlook will make on your behalf. Rules can be a great method to assist you in managing your incoming and outgoing email and can be a huge time saver! You can apply rules for: Emails […]

Forward a Contact card using Outlook

Forward a contact in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook provides a great solution for managing your email, contacts, calendar, and to do lists all within the one location. In cases where I need to send contact information to other associates or colleagues, I utilise the built-in features of Outlook which allow you to forward any Contact from your address book. I am […]

Create a signature in Outlook

Create a signature in MS Outlook

These days the use of a signature within an email message is considered standard practice, especially in any corporate environment. Signatures can provide an email user with time-saving possibilities whether you are a home user, small business or corporate user. An email signature is the easiest way to include important information about yourself or your […]