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How to use Search Folders in Outlook

How to use search folders in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook offers numerous features to help you manage your inbox efficiently. Among its many functionalities, Search Folders are a valuable tool to streamline your email. Search Folders in Outlook allow you to gather specific emails from various folders across your mailbox and present them in a single virtual folder, saving you time and effort […]

How to create folders in Outlook

Create folders to store emails in Outlook

Inspired by my achievement this week where I reduced the number of emails in my inbox from over 1,000 down to 296, I thought it would be a great idea to touch on the processes of how to create folders in Outlook. I asked the question online, “how many emails in your inbox?” and I […]

Scan Outlook for errors using the Inbox Repair Tool

Scan Microsoft Outlook for errors using Inbox Repair Tool

If you have tried to open your Microsoft Outlook client and have received an error relating to your .pst file then you have come to the right place. The Inbox Repair Tool is a utility included with Microsoft Outlook which can help correct issues relating to file corruption and is a great first line approach […]