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How to use Search Folders in Outlook

How to use search folders in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook offers numerous features to help you manage your inbox efficiently. Among its many functionalities, Search Folders are a valuable tool to streamline your email. Search Folders in Outlook allow you to gather specific emails from various folders across your mailbox and present them in a single virtual folder, saving you time and effort […]

How to extract text from a picture in OneNote

How to copy text from a picture into OneNote

One of the hidden gems of using OneNote is the ability to extract text from an image and have it converted into editable text. The process is actually referred to as OCR, or Optical Character Recognition and is a great way to avoid have to retype text from printed form such as a magazine or […]

The best OneNote keyboard shortcuts

The Best Keyword Shortcuts for OneNote

Regardless of the program you are using, we all want to make sure we are being productive with our time. Using OneNote keyboard shortcuts is the perfect way to improve productivity and streamline your workflow. The key to learning new keybaord shortcuts is consistency. A commitment to give your mouse a rest and keep your […]

The best keyboard shortcuts for PowerPoint

The Best Keyword Shortcuts for PowerPoint

If you’ve read a few of my posts, you may have noticed that I’m a fan of efficiency. If there is an option to do something faster in any of the Microsoft programs then I use it. During any of my training courses, I spend a good slice of time at the beginning showing participants […]

How to use AutoCorrect in Microsoft Office

How to use auto correct in Office

The Microsoft 365 programs include a powerful feature called Autocorrect. Autocorrect helps to reduce typing errors whilst you work and is set up by default to correct common spelling and punctuation errors. Typing errors such as irregular capitalisation, or commonly misspelt words are corrected as you type. There are hundreds of pre-configured corrections already set […]