How to crop an image using Microsoft Paint

This week I had a request to show participants how to crop an image using Microsoft Paint. Most of the Microsoft Office products include a cropping tool but it only crops the image within that specific program. Microsoft Paint can provide a simple but effective cropping feature. When working with images it is a good […]

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Backup data using File History (Windows 10)

Backing up your data

In an earlier post titled¬†Backing up your files – a vital step to securing your data, I outlined the basic information needed for any user to begin the process of backing up data on a regular basis. In this post, I will step you through how to back up data using File History options available […]

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Set a login PIN for Windows 10

A great feature of Microsoft Windows 10 is the ability to login to your computer using a PIN, or Personal Identification Number. In August 2014, Australia saw a change from using signatures to authorise credit card transactions to using a PIN. This has provided greater security for credit card transactions and the fraud associated with […]

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