How to send bulk emails using Mail Merge in Word

How to Mail Merge bulk emails in Word

For the most part, I find people have heard of a Mail Merge. The process of combining a list of contacts with a letter which you can then merge together and print. Did you know that you can also use a mail merge to send bulk email messages? This saves time and quite often your […]

Quick Parts – the quickest way to insert reusable information in Word

Quick Parts Dialog Box

Today I saw a question on an online forum where a user needed to insert the same name and address quite frequently into a Word document. The user had asked if a drop-down menu in Word would provide a quicker way to accomplish this task and so I’ve decided to use this as today’s topic […]

Embed an Excel worksheet within your Word document

Embed Excel in a Word Document

Whenever I run Excel or Word training a common question pops up. What is the best way to add Excel data into a Word document? Like many things related to Microsoft Office, there are several different ways to achieve this. There are several benefits from being able to embed an Excel worksheet into your Word […]