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Turning the big 6

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That time of year has come around again when this website celebrates another milestone. This year we turn 6.

When I started this website back in July 2014, I didn’t have a long term goal. I simply wanted to create something which would serve a purpose and add value for my clients who attend training. 6 years later and with around 18,000 hits a month, it has exceeded my expectations. This year has been a challenge, in more ways than one for this planet. No one forecast that 2020 would include a global pandemic like the one we are enduring. Whilst I have had time at home including homeschooling my girls, the situation has had unexpected positives.

The Training Lady blog turns 6

Quiet times. I’d forgotten what it was like to not live a rushed life. Not having something on every single day or afternoon which required us to be somewhere at a certain time. I must say I enjoyed the ability to just “be”. Homeschooling bought with it some challenges. I am not a primary school teacher. I’m sure that any parent who homeschooled will agree that our teachers are a special group who deserve more praise than they get. From this, I got to see my children’s abilities. What they needed more help with and what they were doing well. One on one attention helped my youngest daughter immensely. Homeschooling also had a huge impact on my eldest daughter and without having to homeschool I would never have identified this – and neither would her teacher.

Aspirations. I finally had the time to stop and review my business. I knew I needed to revamp this blog site years ago but have been too busy to have the time to tackle it. Being home I finally had a proper logo designed. Once that was completed I pushed ahead and redesigned the website to make it more functional but also more visually appealing – she was really showing her age! My business website also got another revamp – the second one within 9 months.

As with previous years, I am in my favourite place this week. I am visiting the NSW Snowy Mountains. It is different from other years – due to Covid19. I love this part of Australia. Most people do not associate Australia with snow. And although we do not get anywhere near as much as other countries – we get enough to keep us snow bunnies happy. My kids are finally enjoying skiing and we are having a lovely time.

So with that, I will say a big thank you to all those who have made this website a success. For those based in Australia, remember that I am available for online training or face to face training for those based in Sydney or Canberra. Contact me for more information.




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