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Hi! My name is Belinda Anderson, and I’m “The Training Lady”. I decided to start this blog after a suggestion from none-other than my wonderful mother… You see, I’m a software trainer and I love what I do, so why not share that online, with those who can benefit from what I have to offer.

Firstly I live in beautiful Sydney, Australia. I am a wife and proud mother of two girls.

During my final year of high school, I remember I wasn’t sure what I wanted for my future career. I recall my mother saying to me “Why don’t you look at the Internet and see what that may have to offer you for a job?”, my reply was “The internet is not something I’m interested in..”. How little did I know that the Internet and computers would become such a big part of my future career.

After completing my final year of school, I immediately begun working for a computer training company. This sparked a passion for technology and learning. Soon I was involved in the technical aspects of running a training company and was responsible for installing applications, troubleshooting software issues, setting up printers, configuring internet access and more. Although the technical side was interesting, I soon realised I wanted to be the person standing up the front of the room. I wanted to share my knowledge with a room full of people willing to learn.

I have been a trainer since around 2000 and have trained participants including corporate executives, educators, private and community college students, and home users. No two courses are the same and I love that aspect of training! I love seeing the look on people’s faces when I’m able to show them a faster or more effective way of doing something that they have struggled with or that has been a time-consuming part of their job.

This blog is my opportunity to share with you my tips, tricks and best practices for using your computer efficiently in your home, office, classroom or wherever life has you typing on a keyboard.

For my Sydney based readers, I am available for private onsite training courses. If you feel your staff and business could benefit from some professional development then feel free to contact me for more information. Check out my business website at


Where did "The Training Lady" come from?

Whenever I mention this website during a training session, I’m often asked “Where did you get the name of your blog from?”

Over the years I have been conducting training, I often had people who had attended courses with me in the past joke how they would refer to me as “The Training Lady”. It always made me laugh and so I thought it was only fitting to use that as the name for my blog.

I hope you enjoy this website and please feel free to send any feedback, or requests you may have.

Take Care,

Belinda Anderson The Training Lady