How to change spacing between items in a list in Word

How to change line spacing between bullet and number lists

I use bullet and numbered lists a lot. They help me to summarise information and make my text stand out. I like to have my list items spaced apart a little, I don’t want them all squashed together. Let me show you how to change the spacing between items in a list. Paragraph spacing is […]

How to send bulk emails using Mail Merge in Word

How to Mail Merge bulk emails in Word

For the most part, I find people have heard of a Mail Merge. The process of combining a list of contacts with a letter which you can then merge together and print. Did you know that you can also use a mail merge to send bulk email messages? This saves time and quite often your […]

Save time! Pin a file or folder to the Open list in Microsoft Office

Pin a File or Folder

At the start of every training course I run, I show participants through a few really useful tools. These tools will save you time during a busy workday. One such feature is AutoCorrect, however, another is the ability to pin a file or folder permanently into the Open or Save list. This wonderful feature is […]