Free up mailbox space and download email to Microsoft Outlook

Free up mailbox space and download email to Microsoft Outlook

I’ve encountered more than a few clients now who have run into issues with their allocated mailbox space. Depending on your hosting provider, you could be provided with email storage from 250MB to 10GB. The more space we have, the more space we tend to use. At some point in time, you will find yourself […]

Scan Outlook for errors using the Inbox Repair Tool

Scan Microsoft Outlook for errors using Inbox Repair Tool

If you have tried to open your Microsoft Outlook client and have received an error relating to your .pst file then you have come to the right place. The Inbox Repair Tool is a utility included with Microsoft Outlook which can help correct issues relating to file corruption and is a great first line approach […]

How to create a new Contact in Outlook

How to create a new contact in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook gives you the ability to create and manage contact details in a personal address book. Because Outlook encompasses email, contacts, scheduling and more, you can utilise these features across any task you are performing which is associated with one of your contacts. In the past I have found users who manually enter email […]

Create your own custom email template in Outlook

Create your own email template in Outlook

For anyone who sends emails on a regular basis, you may find yourself sending the same information over and over. This is especially relevant for people running a business and it is this situation where email templates can come in very useful. I use email templates on a regular basis and have about a dozen […]

How to create a recurring appointment in Outlook

How to create a recurring appointment in Outlook

I don’t know about you, but I have many appointments which repeat on a regular basis. I for one, certainly do not want to have to put those into my calendar one by one, it would take a long time. This type of appointment is referred to as a “recurring appointment” and is very easy to […]

How to open any Microsoft Office product

Open any Microsoft Office product

For those starting out using Microsoft Office and even for those familiar with the programs, our computers can sometimes be a treasure trove full of so many programs that it’s impossible to find the one we want. Being able to open any Microsoft Office program can sometimes take longer than it should. The vast majority […]

My favourite shortcut keys in Microsoft Outlook

My favourite shortcut keys in Microsoft Outlook

Anyone who has ever attended training with me, or even anyone who has read my other “shortcut key” posts, will know that I am a big fan of keyboard shortcuts. Anything that can improve efficiency and workflow is a good thing in my books. Because I often find myself multi-tasking on the computer, I tend […]

Create a rule to move email to a specified folder

In this age of email and the internet, we tend to find our inbox can get clogged with a lot of email from various different sources. A great way of sorting through this content is using the built-in rules available within Microsoft Outlook to automatically sort your incoming mail messages into specified folders. This particular […]

Backup your Email folder in Outlook

Back up email within Outlook

I’ve now published several articles where I discuss the importance of backing up the data on your computer (See Backing up your files – a vital step to securing your data); and part of that process should also include backing up email content used in Outlook. Whether you use Microsoft Outlook for personal use or […]