How to create a folder shortcut on the Taskbar

Create a shortcut to a specific folder on the Taskbar

Last week one of my clients experienced a hardware failure on their main computer. It’s a computer users worst nightmare and occurred in the middle of an important week of work. Long story short, I was able to source a new hard drive and install it within 24 hours. Luckily the client had a backup […]

Free up disk space using Windows Disk Cleanup

Use Windows Disk Cleanup

Microsoft Windows includes a great tool which allows you to easily perform a clean-up of your computer’s hard drive. The Disk Cleanup tool will help you to free up disk space on your computer and will assist with performance issues. I have also mentioned the Windows Disk Cleanup utility in my Improve the performance of […]

How to resize a photo to use as your Desktop Wallpaper

How to resize a photo to use as your Desktop Wallpaper

As a follow-up to my previous post, how to set your own photo as your Desktop Wallpaper, I’m going to show you how to adjust the size of a photo being used as your desktop wallpaper. By resizing a photo you avoid any distortion which can be encountered from time to time. I tend to find […]

How to set your own photo as your Desktop Wallpaper

Let’s talk wallpaper! Just to be clear, I’m not referring to the type which you might find stuck to a wall, I’m talking about that desktop area of your computer which you can customise with your favourite photo or piece of art. Over the years, the Windows Desktop has progressed through some boring and plain […]

Adjust the brightness of your computers screen to avoid eyestrain

Adjust the brightness of your computers screen

With us spending more and more time at our computer screens, it’s important that you adjust various aspects of your working environment to minimise issues relating to Work Health & Safety (WHS), formerly known in Australia as Occupational Health & Safety (OHS). One aspect which should be adjusted is the brightness of your computer monitor. […]

How to display multiple clocks in Windows 10

Display Multiple Clocks in Windows 10

A great feature of Microsoft Windows 10 is the ability to display multiple clocks from different locations at the same time within the system clock area. The way in which you can add additional clocks to your Windows 10 clock display is very clean and unobtrusive. It allows you to display up to 3 different time […]

How to create a screenshot using Office or Windows

For years I have been creating screenshots for various reasons; for use in training courseware; to illustrate to a remote user a button I want them to press; to relay information about a technical problem or error, and the list goes on. Anytime I want someone to see something on my screen or I need […]

Backup your files – a vital step to securing your data

Backing up your data

There is nothing worse than pressing the “on” button on your computer to find no response, no lights, and no sounds, nothing, zip, zilch… I have had this happen before, and in fact, my husband’s computer has decided to do just that yesterday. So this has inspired today’s post about the importance of backing up […]

Easy ways to move between windows

Easy ways to move between windows

Let’s face it, we are a population of multi-taskers and when we are on our computer it is no different. I always have multiple windows and applications open at once, it is rare for me to use just one or two programs or windows at a time. For this reason, I want to share with […]