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How to convert PowerPoint to Microsoft Sway

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There is no doubt that Microsoft Sway is a fun program to create engaging presentations or Sways. But the thought of converting all your existing content into a Microsoft Sway may be too much to handle. Thankfully this is an easy process and will allow you to move your PowerPoint presentations into Microsoft Sway with a few clicks of the mouse.

If you are new to Microsoft Sway, check out my post on how to create a digital presentation using Microsoft Sway.

Create a Sway from PowerPoint

Microsoft Sway provides the option to create a new Sway based on an existing document. The term “document” is a little misleading as it actually can be any file type including a PowerPoint presentation. 

  1. Open Microsoft Sway online via or launch the desktop app using the Start menu (I am using the desktop app)
  2. Log in using your username and password if prompted
  3. The main Sway window will appear:
Sway window
  1. From the menu bar choose Start from a document
Click Start from a document
  1. The Open dialog box will appear allowing you to navigate your local computer to select the PowerPoint file
  2. Locate the file and select it, then click Open
  3. You will need to wait a few moments while the PowerPoint content is imported into Sway
Wait while the file is imported
  1. The presentation will now be displayed within the Sway Storyline with individual cards for each section of content:
The presentation will be displayed

Preview the Sway

Now that you have imported your PowerPoint content into Sway, you will want to see what it will look like presented as a Sway.

  1. From the Sway window, click Play from the top right corner
Click the Play button
  1. The Sway will begin playing in full-screen mode
  2. Use the mouse to scroll through the Sway and see how your PowerPoint content is being displayed
  3. To stop watching the Sway and return to the Storyline, click the Edit button from the top right corner
Click the Edit button to return to the Storyline
  1. You will be returned to the Sway storyline to allow you to edit any content as needed

I hope this helps to allow you to convert existing PowerPoint presentations into Microsoft Sway. Feel free to leave any comments or questions below.


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