How to convert PowerPoint to Microsoft Sway

How to convert PowerPoint to Microsoft Sway

There is no doubt that Microsoft Sway is a fun program to create engaging presentations or Sways. But the thought of converting all your existing content into a Microsoft Sway may be too much to handle. Thankfully this is an easy process and will allow you to move your PowerPoint presentations into Microsoft Sway with […]

How to password protect your Sway presentation

How to password protect your Sway presentation

If you create a presentation using Microsoft Sway, you can give access to others by sharing the Sway link. You may, however, want a little more security for your Sway by means of password protection. Applying a password to your Sway means that you can specify whether everyone needs the password to view, or only […]

Convert text to SmartArt in PowerPoint

Convert Text to SmartArt

When creating presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint, it is common to see slides containing a heading and a bullet list. Let’s be honest, we’ve all sat through a boring presentation which was text, text and more text. A simple way to “jazz” up any presentation is with the use of SmartArt graphics. You can easily convert […]

Choosing a slide layout in PowerPoint – why it’s important

Choose a slide layout in PowerPoint

Today I am going to discuss the use of the slide layout feature and how it can assist you to create a consistent and professional looking presentation. Microsoft PowerPoint is probably one of my favourite applications to teach. It provides a fun and versatile array of features that with a little bit of imagination can […]

Preview a slide show in PowerPoint

Run a Slideshow in PowerPoint

One of the main reasons most people create a presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint is so that the information can be presented to an audience. It is important that you test your presentation throughout the development process to ensure your formatting, layout and other elements are appearing exactly as you intend. You should also be able […]

Easily reuse slides from existing presentations

Reuse Slides in PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint allows you to reuse slides from an existing presentation and insert them into a new presentation without the need to open the old presentation. The Reuse slide option also allows you to keep the original formatting or apply the formatting used in your new presentation. I use this technique quite often when I’m […]