How to reuse text and images using Quick Parts in Outlook

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As a business owner, I spend a significant amount of time responding to and sending emails. Often I need to respond to the same question once or twice a week. So how about I show you how to reuse text and images using Quick Parts in Outlook?

Not only will Quick Parts streamline some of your email processes but it also ensures consistent delivery of information. Quick Parts allow me to insert reusable information into an email message without having to type it each time. Gone is the need to copy and paste from my Sent Items or another source. This reusable information can be created based on simple information such as your contact details right through to multiple paragraphs including formatting and numbered/bullet lists.

Quick Parts is also included as a feature in Microsoft Word so be sure to take a look at my post, Quick Parts – the quickest way to insert reusable information in Word.

Let’s get started

Now, let’s go and see how you can reuse text and images using Quick Parts:

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook (I’m using Outlook 2016)
  2. Open a new blank email message using Ctrl + N on the keyboard
  3. Type in the block of text you wish to save for future use

Tip: I use this feature for content which ranges from long sentences through to multiple paragraphs. Essentially any text you include on a regular basis, you can use within Quick Parts.

Enter the content you wish to reuse into an email message

  1. Format the text in the way you will want it to be displayed including formats such as bold, italics or numbered lists
  2. Now highlight the text/paragraph
  3. Click the Insert tab and select the Quick Parts button

Highlight the content you wish to reuse

  1. From the menu select Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery
  2. The Create New Building Block dialog box will appear:

The Create New Building Blocks dialog box appears

  1. Change the name to something more descriptive so you can easily identify each block of information later
  2. Now click OK
  3. Delete the text you have just saved, or create another new blank email message
  4. Select Insert > Quick Parts
  5. You will see your entry listed along with a preview

To reuse text and images, click the Quick Parts button

  1. Click on the entry to insert it into your blank email message
  2. Voila, the block of text is now inserted into your email
  3. You can insert multiple Quick Parts into the one email message to build a complete message if needed
  4. Quick Parts will also work when you reply or forward an email message

This is a nice easy way to quickly reuse content within Microsoft Outlook.

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