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How to customise a Text card in Sway

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If you are new to Microsoft Sway you may be looking for some tips on how to create a Text card and then customise it within your Sway. Text cards are an obvious popular option as they allow you to add text based content to your Sway. If you are just getting started, be sure to check out how to customise the Title card first.

For those who are ready to get going, let’s have a look how you can use the Text card to add text, paragraphs and bulleted or numbered lists of information to your Sway. You can directly add your content into the Text card or copy and paste the information from other sources.

  1. If you have the Sway app installed go ahead and open it, otherwise open a web browser and go to
  2. Log in with your Microsoft account and open an existing Sway you wish to add content to, or follow the steps above to create a new Sway and add a Title card.
  3. Once you have a Title card (shown below), click the + button to insert new content and choose Text from the options.
  1. A Text card will now be added to your Sway
  1. Place your cursor inside the Text card and add text you wish to display within the first content section. You can use bullet or numbered lists to give your content more meaning or provide structure.

Preview your Sway

To see what your Sway presentation looks like after adding a text card, click the Play button on the top menu bar.

Click the Play button to Preview your Sway

Edit the text size

To change the size of the content within the Text card, you need to use the Emphasis options within the card. This is different to the Emphasize option.

  1. Click within the Text card
  2. Locate the Subtle and Moderate buttons on the right-hand side of the Text card
  1. Click the Set the emphasis of this card to Moderate button
  2. The content of the card will now be displayed slightly larger when you Play the Sway

Add a web hyperlink within a Text card

You can easily include hyperlinks to websites within your content. This will allow viewers to click and visit the website link as needed.

  1. Click within the Text card
  2. Add a short piece of text which you will use as the link text
  3. Highlight the text and click the Link button
  1. A prompt will appear for you to enter the URL of the website you wish to link to
  1. Either type the URL or copy and paste it from your web browser into the Web Link field
  2. Click OK
  3. The text will now be underlined as a hyperlink
  1. Play your Sway to see how it will look and test the link by clicking on it while the Sway is playing

Convert a text card to a Heading 1 card

Sway allows you to easily change text cards into Heading cards providing you with the ability to add a background image and ensure the heading stands out within your Sway.

  1. Insert a new Text card and add some text
  2. We will now change this card into a Heading card
  3. Click the Heading button from the card toolbar
  1. The Text card will now be changed into a Heading card
  2. You can now add a background to the Heading card if you wish

You can now continue on adding more Text cards to add more content to your Sway.

Did you know you can password protect your Sway? See how right here. Feel free to leave any comments or questions below.


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