Morph and Zoom in PowerPoint

If you haven’t seen the new morph function in PowerPoint yet then you are in for some fun. I wrote about Morph in PowerPoint on my business website in mid 2021 because it’s such a fun new feature to show during PowerPoint training. In this post I want to show you how to perform the […]

Rehearse timings of your PowerPoint presentation

Rehearse timing for your presentation

A common concern for any presenter is knowing if they have enough content or too much in their presentation. The Rehearse Timings feature in Microsoft PowerPoint provides a quick and simple way to rehearse the timing of your presentation. This helps to gauge if your content needs more detail or you need to reduce it. […]

Use PowerPoint 2016 animations to make an object appear and disappear

Use PowerPoint animations to make an object appear and disappear

This week I saw a great question on an online forum relating to Microsoft PowerPoint. The question asked how to make an object appear on screen for a few seconds, and then make it disappear only to be replaced with a different object. I’ve been asked about this on many occasions during training courses and […]

How to add speaker notes in PowerPoint

Create speaker notes in your PowerPoint presentation

When creating a presentation the author should have a clear idea of the topic to be discussed. Generally, the person creating a presentation will be the one delivering the presentation. It can be daunting trying to remember what needs to be said and when. You may also encounter the odd occasion when a presentation will […]

Convert text to SmartArt in PowerPoint

Convert text to SmartArt in PowerPoint

When creating presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint, it is common to see slides containing a heading and a bulleted or numbered list. Let’s be honest, we’ve all sat through a boring presentation which was text, text and more text. A simple way to “jazz” up any presentation is with the use of SmartArt graphics. You can […]

How to create a photo album slide show using PowerPoint

How to create a photo album slide show using PowerPoint

Have you ever attended an event where a slideshow of photos was showing on a screen for everyone to view? Ever wondered how to create one? It’s very easy using the Photo Album function available in Microsoft PowerPoint. I’ve used this feature to quickly create a slideshow of photos for my daughters’ birthdays and other […]

Preview a slide show in PowerPoint

Preview a slide show in PowerPoint

One of the main reasons most people create a presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint is so that the information can be presented to an audience. It is important that you test your presentation throughout the development process to ensure the formatting, layout and other elements are appearing exactly as you intend. You should also be able […]