Rehearse timings of your PowerPoint presentation

Rehearse timing of your presentation

A common concern for any presenter is knowing if they have enough content or too much in their presentation. The Rehearse Timings feature in Microsoft PowerPoint provides a quick and simple way to rehearse the timing of your presentation. This helps to gauge if your content needs more detail or you need to reduce it. […]

Use PowerPoint 2016 animations to make an object appear and disappear

Use PowerPoint animations to make an object appear and disappear

This week I saw a great question on an online forum relating to Microsoft PowerPoint. The question asked how to make an object appear on screen for a few seconds, and then make it disappear only to be replaced with a different object. I’ve been asked about this on many occasions during training courses and […]

Create speaker notes in your PowerPoint presentation

When creating a presentation the author should have a clear idea of the topic to be discussed. Generally, the person creating a presentation will be the one delivering the presentation. This can be a daunting idea of trying to remember what needs to be said and when. You may also encounter the odd occasion when […]