3D Model Animations in PowerPoint 365

3D Model Animations in PowerPoint

This week I am presenting a few sessions at the Leading a Digital School Conference being held in Melbourne, Australia. To provide participants with some additional resources I am publishing a series of posts which contain information from my sessions along with some tips and tricks. My first session is 3D Model Animations in PowerPoint 365. I […]

Create speaker notes in your PowerPoint presentation

When creating a presentation the author should have a clear idea of the topic to be discussed. Generally, the person creating a presentation will be the one delivering the presentation. This can be a daunting idea of trying to remember what needs to be said and when. You may also encounter the odd occasion when […]

How to disable the Start Screen at startup in Office programs

How to disable the Start Screen in Office

In recent versions of the Microsoft Office programs, users now see a Start screen appear when any of the programs are launched. This Start Screen gives you quick access to various functions such as any recent files you have opened and the ability to choose a new blank document or file or various templates which […]