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How to resize an image correctly using Word

How to resize an image correctly in Word

There are several methods to resize an image in Microsoft Word. In this exercise we will use the resize handles to make changes to an image in your document. One common mistake when working with graphics is that the users ...
How to use auto correct in Office

How to use AutoCorrect in Microsoft Office

The Microsoft 365 programs include a powerful feature called Autocorrect. Autocorrect helps to reduce typing errors whilst you work and is set up by default to correct common spelling and punctuation errors. Typing errors such as irregular capitalisation, or commonly ...
Navigate an Excel workbook

Navigate an Excel Workbook

When working in Microsoft Excel there are several references or names which will appear on a regular basis, as well as different methods for navigating within the program. Which navigation option users choose mainly depends on personal preference however it ...
Terminology in the Excel window

Terminology in the Excel window

Let's take a look now at the terminology and names of the various areas within the Microsoft Excel 2016 window. Even if you have been an avid user of Excel for a long period, it's always a good idea to ...
Conditional Formatting Excel

How to use conditional formatting in Excel

Conditional formatting is one of my favourite parts of Excel. I am a very visual person and would much rather look at colour charts or visual representations of data to give me a sense of what I'm looking at. Conditional ...
Create a custom number format to display phone numbers in Excel

Create a custom number format to display phone numbers in Excel

Microsoft Excel provides various number formatting options which allows you to easily format numbers as currency, dates, percentages, time and even fractions. Occasionally you may run into a situation where the predefined number formats do not suit your needs for ...